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Transmission Fluid | San Antonio, TX

Any problems with the transmission can affect your whole vehicle so it's best to know when there is an issue brewing. 

Here are some tell-tale signs that your vehicle has low transmission fluid.

Shifting Gears

If you're accelerating and notice that the truck is having a problem going from one gear to the next, you have transmission problems. This is a common symptom of low transmission fluid. This symptom is easier to notice on a manual transmission since you have to physically change the gears and can feel the resistance. However, this problem can impact automatic transmissions, as well.


If your vehicle doesn't have trouble changing gears but it seems like it's not recognizing that it needs to change gears, then the transmission might be slipping. This problem occurs when there's not enough fluid for the gears to function smoothly and there's a lack of synchronization between the engine and transmission. 


Another sign of low transmission fluid is if you notice fluid pooling below the vehicle. Clean transmission fluid is a translucent red color with a sweet smell. If it is a dark color or gritty, then the fluid is dirty and needs replacing immediately.


If you don't have enough fluid, the transmission can overheat and cause damages that are expensive to repair. You also want to ensure that the fluid doesn't reach a temperature above 200 degrees.


Extra noises from under the hood are not only unpleasant, but a rhythmic pounding could mean a loose transmission torque converter. And if you hear a grinding sound, it's likely that the gears don't have enough fluid to ensure smooth gear shifts.

Service your truck here at Grande Ford in San Antonio to ensure that your Ford's transmission stays in tip-top shape. We're here to make caring for your truck simple and stress-free.


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